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Nov 6: Cambria, CA to Home

As the night before the first day of this ride lacked sleep, so also did the night before this last day.  Up late working on the blog, then awake in bed, knowing I am at the end of this milestone adventure.  And as the first day’s ride was filled with thoughts of “This is it,” so also was this last day’s.

Today’s ride was Hwy 1 up the California coast from Cambria to Monterey, then inland on Hwy’s 156, 101 and 680 on a diagonal to home.  I have been on these roads many times over many years.  I felt that today I saw them with new eyes.  Here are pictures of some of what I saw…


I intend to publish at least two more posts.  One will be to answer questions people have asked about gear…what I carried and what worked or didn’t.  The other post will be something of an epilogue.  Both of these posts will be at least a few days away.

My sincerest thanks to all who have followed along on the ride via this blog.  The reason I set up the blog was to share the experience.  What I found was that it was a source of support for me, especially during the challenging times.  Knowing that someone out there was watching and may-be hoping for a good outcome was truly comforting.  Thank you.


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  1. Bill Hughes Thousand Oaks CA Bill Hughes Thousand Oaks CA

    Success for a safe journey home, Mike. I have really enjoyed and have been so inspired riding along with you on this venture, even though it’s been from afar via your blog. Only two more posts? How will I endure going through withdrawals? I hope to hear eventually that you’ll have more ventures for devoted readers to accompany you through blogs yet to be written. I’m thankful that Steve’s Scooter in the Sticks blog led me to yours. Thank you for letting many travel with you.
    Bill Hughes

  2. Congratulations and thank you for taking us along.

  3. Scott Martin Scott Martin

    Dee and I are so glad our paths crossed on your journey. It was fun following you. Hopefully we meet again someday, maybe on my journey!

  4. Joan Joan

    I showed your map to Mom and I think she speaks for us all when she said, “that was a big thing to do!”

    Welcome back home.

  5. Well done, Mike! I will miss catching up on your daily adventures and living vicariously! Can’t wait to see you and talk about it! Glad you’re home safe and sound.

  6. Alan Alan

    Actually, thank YOU! I can’t quite wrap my mind around what you did, especially after seeing the map. And equally impressive was the blogging and photo work – every single day after a long day on the road. Thanks for sharing your adventure. You made it an adventure for us too.

  7. Richard Lewis Richard Lewis

    Hi Mike, welcome home, we enjoyed “going” on your road trip. 😊 Looking forward to your next posts. Hugs to Marion, have a great day! 🌞

  8. Bob Clem Bob Clem

    I am like all your other devotees and admirers, Mike, very impressed and inspired by your journey and adventures. Good planning, judgment, resolve and strength of character made everything come together to make for a resounding success. Look forward to the last posts and any stray photos you might have.

  9. Randy Pfyl, Concord, CA Randy Pfyl, Concord, CA

    – striking photo of the willow plants in foreground and California Coast in background (the green, the white, the blue) – very colorful and a rare shot to share with camera club. Kind of reminds me of the photos you shot in “the heartland” a couple weeks ago with the irrigation pipe. One person sees irrigation pipe, I saw a grasshopper and a quail – thanks to your creativity.

    Bravo! Very glad you’re home safe, you made excellent choices on this challenging journey. Your hard work and using this tool Single Cylinder Psyche to reach out was an excellent decision. Great photos & narratives. Thank you.

  10. jim mandle jim mandle

    Congratulations! What a wonderful adventure and made all the better by you fine photography and the stories you’ve shared.
    Many thank.

  11. Thomas Mace, Carpinteria Ca. Thomas Mace, Carpinteria Ca.

    Congratulations on completing your well planned and perfectly executed trip. Thank you for the photos and narrative. Myself and those around me truly enjoyed following you around the country.

  12. Congratulations Mike on an epic trip and a safe return home. Looking forward to the final posts and your reflections on the trip. I wonder if you’re the same person who departed the Golden Gate…

  13. Tom Lucas Tom Lucas

    WOW Mike, Couldn’t wait each day to get home and read about your trip. Now I’m planning my trip which I will probably never take but feel attached to yours. What pictures you took. Please comment on your thoughts about what you expected to happen on the trip and what you missed doing. Also very interested in how many times you needed to use of the extra gas you brought with you. Again, thank you so much for including me in your adventure. I have ET4 150 Vespa and can’t wait to at least try. WOW

  14. CtMac CtMac

    Well done, Sir.

  15. Wonderful! I hope you continue to blog your local journeys. I have enjoyed your images and stories.

    • Mike Hermens Mike Hermens

      Yes, that’s it. Thank you.


  16. Al vallorz Al vallorz

    I just took a ride trip for 11 days. Wished it was longer. Everyone should take a road trip in a vehicle of choice. After reading your blog I am sure many have a map laid open on the kitchen table right now. Congrats and thanks.

  17. Wow!!! I have been binge reading your adventure Mike.

    I felt the growing loneliness of the landscape as you traveled southwest. Doing that solo is quite an accomplishment.

    You have joined the ranks of the privileged few Vespa adventurers: the Cannonballers like Bill Leuthold and Bill Dog, the world travelers like Lostboater and Michael Strauss, and the superheros like Stephanie Yue!!!

    Thank you so much for taking us along with your superb narration and photography. It was truly a vicarious adventure.

  18. Rodney Coon Rodney Coon

    What an interesting 4 hours I’ve just spent reading your blog….

  19. Jeff Jeff

    I recently purchased a 2015 GTS 300 and your adventure has truly inspired me! Over the past week my wife just grins and walks away when she sees I’m reading one more of your diary entries. I don’t imagine I’ll take a trip across the U.S. anytime soon, but you’ve certainly inspired me to plan my own adventure in the states surrounding my own home in Missouri. I’m only 48, so hopefully there’s plenty of time to expand my goals. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences and pictures.

    • Mike Hermens Mike Hermens


      Thank you for your comment. I keep SingleCylinderPsyche up and running, hoping that people will visit, enjoy and may-be dream. Comments like yours make the effort worthwhile.

      BTW, I like that you’re “only 48.” Nice perspective.

      Take Care,


      • Jeff Jeff

        I’m shopping for a good front rack for my Vespa, and I really like yours. What brand/model is it? Do you keep it on your scooter all the time? Thanks

      • Mike Hermens Mike Hermens

        Hi Jeff,

        It is a Prima front rack. I wasn’t satisfied with it out of the box so I modified it by cutting off about an inch of the metal tubes (that have the rubber cups) so it would sit closer to the scooter leg shield. This also caused the rack to rotate down lower, so that luggage or gas cans sitting on the rack would be less likely to block the headlight. I also modified the metal strap that secures the rack to the scooter by re-bending it so that it wouldn’t rub on the scooter. One last thing, to protect the scooter paint at the rubber cups I applied a double layer of 3M Scotchgard PRO Series Clear Paint Protection Film, cut to disks about a half inch larger in diameter than the rubber cups.

        When I bought the rack from Scooterworks USA I thought I was buying a Falco rack…don’t know if I’d have been more or less happy with the Falco. I only put the rack on the scooter when I’m making a multi-night trip. It’s not hard to take on and off.


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