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Oct 30: Albuquerque, New Mexico to Farmington, New Mexico

This day was an easy and enjoyable ride up to Farmington in the northwest corner of New Mexico.  It started with 20 miles of I-25, also known as the Pan American Freeway on some maps.  Then onto Hwy 550 north, which accounted of most of the day’s ride, and finishing with a little tag of Hwy 64 west into Farmington.  Rain threatened for the first half of the day but never developed into more than an occasional sprinkle.  Much of the ride was within or near Apache and Navajo Nation Reservations.

I had lunch at the Cuba Cafe in the village of…Cuba.  I was the only non-American Indian in the restaurant other than one of the waitresses.  I felt, and am sure I looked, conspicuously out of place…like I did in the small farming town cafes in the Midwest.  But after I adjusted to the fact that nobody seemed to care if I was there, I settled into the place and enjoyed watching the people come and go.  There were all ages, both genders, families and workers.  I couldn’t have happened into a better place to have lunch.  I would love to have taken pictures, but that would have been inappropriate.  I’ll just have to hope the memory stays with me.

Here are a few pictures from today…

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  1. You are a late night person as I am setting having a early breakfast in Paris and your post pops up on the computer. Those are some spectacular photos!!!! Thanks.
    Ride on.

    • Ah, Ken! Fancy meeting you here! Isn’t the internet a marvel. Mike is now home, I am here in Montreal, you were in Paris after your African adventure, and here all three of us are vicariously in New Mexico.

  2. Bob Clem Bob Clem

    So neat to see fall colors even in the dry southwest. Scenes are reminiscent of your start of the trip when we both rode through NW Nevada and SE Oregon. That seems so long ago and you are still on the continuation of that same trip, hard to fathom! Now that you are nearing the end of that odyssey, don’t rush things and miss out on photo ops yet to come…though we are all looking forward to seeing you again soon.

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