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Sept 8: On My Way

I slept almost not at all last night, up late and early with prep, and a busy mind kept me awake most of the time I was in bed.  But now I’m in Fallon, Nevada.  It’s late, I’m sleepy, so this will be short.

The Cliff’s Notes version is that I first rode to the Golden Gate Bridge (so it would really be coast-to-coast), then through the oven known as the Sacramento Valley (96 F today, rising to 108 on Thursday), into and out of the Tahoe Basin, and onto the desolation that is Nevada (not a judgement).  In Fallon I met my friend of 45 years, Bob Clem, who is on a motorcycle trip of his own, counterclockwise around the western states.  I’m typing this in the Best Western lobby so he can sleep in peace in our room.

Today’s ride was a bit surreal.  After so much time spent in anticipation, I had a heightened sense of, “This is it.”

It takes time to cover land on a scooter.  Time to think, reflect, observe, adjust and be at peace.  I think this will be a good trip.











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  1. Joan Joan

    I was thinking of you in the valley oven (that I call home). Glad you did not go north through Redding.! Love the pictures today.

  2. Richard Lewis Richard Lewis

    Enjoyed the post & pictures. Fallon was home to
    my late aunt & uncle. Continued
    safe & smooth travels to

  3. Elsa Elsa

    Way to go Uncle Mike! Glad to see you wearing a protective and hi-vis jacket, too–just because it’s a scooter doesn’t stop you from getting hurt in a wreck. I would love to a see a gear post at some point detailing all your camping and personal equipment. Don’t be afraid to go into detail about how the scooter suspension handles the rough roads, too, I’m really curious. Right on!

  4. FRO FRO

    Yes it will BA good trip. Ur family & guardian angels R traveling with U. Thanks

  5. Susan Copeland Susan Copeland

    So glad you arrived in Fallon safely and survived the day’s heat and desolation… I suspect that was a challenge on little sleep. By the looks of it, you found an interesting site or two along the way… I really like the giant fortified araneae…. looks like a German species. You are greatly missed already by the Dora clan, but we know you are in good hands and we are very excited for you and the adventures and discoveries that await you … “this is it”! Enjoy!!

  6. Richard Lewis Richard Lewis

    Hi Mike, Hope you’re enjoying your road trip. Bright idea, (too late, but still bright idea) mount a Go Pro camera to your bike and film your journey. Be safe and have a great time! 🙂

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