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Getting Closer

One week left till the September 8 ETD.  Preparation for the trip has become a full time job.  Last week was scooter maintenance week.  Everything ended well, although a three-day test of wills with the exhaust gasket had me wondering if departure would be delayed.

For those that care about this sort of thing, I changed the engine and hub oil, adjusted the valves, and added a side stand and front rack.  At the risk of jinxing myself, I cautiously say that I believe the scooter is ready for the trip.




Now what’s left is to check off three pages of “to do” items intended to prepare my home and personal business so they can be left on auto-pilot for two months, purchase scooter parts to be shipped to Minnesota for scheduled maintenance on the road, make some format changes to this blog and lots of miscellaneous.  Sounds simple when I write it, but I think this will end up being a race to the start.

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  1. Best of luck, Mike. You mean Sept. 8 ETD? I will enjoy your blog. Looks like you dug pretty deep into the mechanicals to get the maintenance done. Like Susan, I liked the photos a lot, greatly look forward to more of them from your trip. What a great adventure. I know it will be tempered with care and safety, and peppered with beautiful and intriguing experiences. Keep good track so you can share them all in a couple months! This opportunity doesn’t come every day. -Bob Clem

  2. Joan Joan

    I love your reflection on the scooter…and look forward to more of your reflections as you journey on. Best of luck, we love you!

  3. Michael Eaton Michael Eaton

    Sept 24. Just been talking to Lois who spent some time yesterday with Dollie in MN. She told me about this trip. Is it really a scooter? 49 ccs? What a totally fabulous idea. You are the man. –Michael Eaton

    • Mike Hermens Mike Hermens

      “49 cc’s?” I’m not that foolish. Actually 278 cc’s.

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