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Sept 20: A Day in Pelican Rapids, MN

This day (Sunday) was spent in Pelican Rapids, enjoying the town and taking care of some trip business.  Marion drove down from the Iron Range area of Minnesota, a little over 200 miles away, with a new rear tire.  (Yes, I am a lucky guy.)  I removed the rear wheel from the scooter so I could take it and the new tire into town first thing next day for a change out.  Before Marion arrived I walked into town a few times for hardware store items, food, photos and laundry.  The Pelican Motel is about a mile from the center of town, and I was happy for the opportunity for exercise.  Also did some catch-up on the computer with photos and the blog.

I wish my writing quality was adequate to convey how pleased Marion and I were with the town of Pelican Rapids.  It was a joy to walk around town, looking at the public art, stopping in the businesses, and getting a feel for the exceptional sense of community in this town.

Many of the businesses have pelican statues painted with the business theme, or table and chairs set out front on the sidewalk.  The chairs have the words “hello” or “welcome” painted on them in a variety of languages._JMH0622_LR_800_WM














Some things are the same in any town.


There have been questions about the tools I carry.  Here’s a picture of most of them.  There are sockets in the Band-Aid container.  The breaker bar was purchased in Pelican Rapids Hardware for the axle nut.


Special thanks to the owners of the Pelican Motel for allowing me to set up shop on the premises.




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  1. Randy Pfyl Randy Pfyl

    Hi Mike & Marion in Minnesota,
    Your travel postings are enlightening me about all the good small towns in midwest you are visiting, and how livable these places are. I’ve read about these places in some magazines. In the middle of winter these places may have different appeal. I guess if one wanted to escape the big city (s) they could read your travel journals about all these places you are finding, and how you see the good & value in them. Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to hearing more stories and images of your journey. – Randy Pfyl Concord, CA

  2. Fortunate that you got to see Marion, get a new tire delivered, and reside for a time in such an attractive town, all at once. Hard to imagine what could have caused such a huge rent in your tire, especially since it started from a very small defect that you couldn’t even find. Congratulations on staying in control right after the blow-out, and not panic-braking and crashing. Keep the adventure rolling.

  3. I think experiencing a place as a scooter or motorcycle rider is probably one of the richest ways to do it. It’s as if you’re closer to a place — physically and emotionally — and you see the little details that are missed otherwise.

    Glad you were able to get the tire sorted and be on your way. Looking at your tool kit I realized I need to add the breaker bar to mine…

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

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