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Sept 29: Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania to Hershey, Pennsylvania

Today was a ride in the rain across most of Pennsylvania.  The entire ride was on Hwy 322, which starts in Ohio, traverses the entire width of Pennsylvania, then runs through New Jersey and into the Atlantic Ocean.  The highway in the western side of the state is a beautiful two-lane road through Main Streets of unspoiled little towns.  Then somewhere around the municipality of State College, in the middle of the state, it transforms itself into a freeway whose only acknowledgment of humanity are the signs announcing the exit ramps.  Not my favorite way to see an area, but as we approach the congestion of the coast may-be the towns are not that appealing anyway.  Tomorrow I’ll probably take Hwy 322 the remaining 90 miles into Philadelphia.

Because of the rain, the camera stayed in the bag today, except for photos of the starting and ending motels and a lunch stop in between.







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  1. Sounds like now you take rain in stride on two wheels, glad you and the bike are outfitted for it, otherwise you would not be making much travel headway in the eastern US these days. Hopefully when you start the southern states you will get less wet. I guess near either coast the dreary drone of interstates and the same old cookie-cutter suburbs and municipalities are unavoidable, but things you try to minimize nevertheless, with variable success. But still enjoying your enviable progress, especially now that you have almost made it to the east coast, hardly imaginable to me. Like Randy, I am impressed by your endurance.

  2. You probably passed within a mile of my office when you came through State College. Too bad we couldn’t have connected for lunch.

    At least the rain stopped here.


  3. bernadette bernadette

    Can’t bring up any of your Sept posts. this starts at the 26th. What am I doing wrong/

  4. Mike Hermens Mike Hermens


    I know the issue and am working on it. For now, to get to older posts, go to “archives” and work backwards from there. Sorry for the confusion.


  5. Tom Lucas Tom Lucas

    Did You find you needed the extra gas that you carried? How bad were the jerks around you with their tailgating? I have an ET4 150 and hate doing 55. Sorry for the questions but this is so interesting. Planning my own trip and I’m usomg you for info. Thanks a bunch, have fun.

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