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Nov 2: Hurricane, Utah

No travel today because of high winds across the southern part of the Great Basin, which is the area between here and Las Vegas.  The break did give me time to put together a map of my route to date.  I hope to make refinements to it later, and post it as a link, so those interested can zoom in to local areas.

The wind was here in Hurricane also.  I took a 20 mile ride toward Zion National Park but the wind was so strong ascending the rocky mountainside leading to the park that I turned around and came back.  The speed limit was 65 mph, there was other traffic, and it was very difficult to keep the scooter on the road.  I felt relieved to get back down onto the valley floor.

There was not a wind-protected cubby area where I could park my scooter at the motel, but after walking around the building twice I decided that this walkway on the windward side of the building was the safest.  Although it faced the wind, the local contours and building made it almost wind-free at the base of the wall.  Plus, the wall and fence would prevent the scooter from falling over.  I know this is a pretty sad submittal for a day’s pictures.  May-be tomorrow will be better.

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  1. Bob Clem Bob Clem

    Mike, so glad you used good judgment in scratching a day of riding due to weather factors. Maybe it’s not a coincidence how the town got its name. In retrospect, I think the high percentage of rideable days you’ve had on this trip is remarkable. You have plenty to keep you busy when you’re off the bike anyway, it seems. The map you posted was fascinating, thanks.

  2. Randy Pfyl Concord, CA Randy Pfyl Concord, CA

    When I read “very difficult to keep the scooter on the road” that was enough for me. Good to hear you still have good sense after all those miles. Concord got about 1″ of rain yesterday – high winds, cold. I think the next few days forecast is good, and warming. Thanks.

  3. jim mandle jim mandle

    Many thanks for the map – I’ve been following via a road atlas and this really helps. Soon you’ll be back in sunny CA.
    Safe travels!

  4. Bill Hughes Bill Hughes

    Love following your travels…wonderful reading. How about more pictures which include you in addition to the 300gts? I have the 300 myself and know what IT looks like. Don’t be shy… get in some scenes young man. I’m 73 and need your example with the Vespa to further inspire me. Safe travels.

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