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Sept 23: Aurora, Minnesota

It rained today, sometimes heavy.  Howie told me, in more subtle language, that I’d be foolish to ride today.  He has more sense than I do so I took his advice and made this another maintenance day.  This time it was blog catch-up, laundry (actually by Marion), and a trip to the store for new riding gloves and rain gear.  It was nice to rest.

I’ve included photos of Howie and Vicky’s and John’s homes.  The Saint Louis River runs through their property.  I’ve never gotten over how lucky they are to live where they do.

Howie and Vicky’s Place


John’s Place next door

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  1. Randy Pfyl, Concord CA Randy Pfyl, Concord CA

    I remember images of Walter’s (Marion’s Dad) home & yard years ago from photos Marion showed me. It must bring back lots of good memories to see it again. Seems spacious and lots of room to roam.

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