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September 24: Aurora, Minnesota to Ironwood, Michigan

I thought I’d never ride off into the rain again, but the weather site predicted clearing skies for the afternoon, and I wanted to test out my new store-bought raingear (frogg toggs) and “waterproof” warm gloves.  So I said good-bye and thanks to Marion, Howie and Vicky, got directions from John, and rode off onto the gravel, little-bit-muddy, road.

The rain was sometimes heavy in the morning, but after crossing the “High Bridge” out of Duluth and into Wisconsin it became intermittent showers and finally sunny.  The new gear worked great.  I was warm and dry all day.

The day ended at Ironwood, Michigan which is just across the state line from its twin city, Hurley, Wisconsin.  The Montreal River separates the two and defines the state line.

Good-bye photo of Marion, Howie and Vicky


The road to the highway




Shelter from the rain at a lakeside park during snacktime


Into Wisconsin













Ironwood, Michigan







Back in Hurley, Wisconsin during the evening ride



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  1. Randy Pfyl Randy Pfyl

    Hi Mike,
    I notice the last three days blogs with “Aurora” in name all showed up on website today Sept 25. I did not see them yesterday in middle afternoon. Maybe there is some delay in your updates before they are available (website ?) to those of us following your journey. So good luck on your Leg #2 out of 3. You do sound rested and ready to move on. So much travel yet to do. Can’t wait to hear more stories. Randy Pfyl, Concord CA 9/25 (9:53 am, Pacific time)

  2. Thanks again for the continuing saga. I thought you had planned to stay longer with Marion et al, like a few days. However, you may have been anxious to proceed onward through the more northern states before too much more wintery weather strikes, makes sense esp. since you’ve already been in some of it. I don’t think you’ve been this far east before, even when you had the Y-750 in your wild youth. So glad you’re having such a great journey. It’ll take a lot of Thurs. AM breakfasts and/or sausage dinners to relate all the details and see the photos, but we’ll look forward. Keep up the good work…play?!

  3. Marion Marion

    I was worried when you left with the drizzle coming down and so glad you made it to Little Finland and beyond. I liked the night pictures of Wisconsin and glad to see you got to a football game. Missing you and see you in Philadelphia!
    Be safe, Marion

  4. Randy Pfyl, Concord CA Randy Pfyl, Concord CA

    nice photos Mike.
    Especially liked the sign posting at fork in road Wisconsin left turn, Michigan right turn. For some reason it kind of made me smile – a classic fork in the road.
    Also, those backlit storefronts purple lighting left store, amber lighting right store. Thanks – Randy Pfyl Concord, CA

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